Our Specials

ECEC believes that all children should have the right to participate in specials, without additional cost or being “pulled out” and separated from their classmates.

We have four weekly specials and two monthly specials in which ALL children participate.
Weekly Specials
Monthly Specials

Weekly Specials


  • Stretch-n-Grow
    • A physical educational program developed at an age-appropriate level for toddlers and preschoolers
    • Children discover the world through physical activities
    • Learn about good foods and good hygiene
    • Learn about animals and how they move
    • Master obstacles courses
    • Learn names of the bones and muscles in their bodies
  • American Sign Language:
    • Provides a unique opportunity for children to develop communication skills, especially those children who are not yet verbal
    • Teaches children signs for feelings, colors, food, animals, family members, and daily activities
  • Spanish:
    • Children learn basic Spanish words and phrases in an interactive setting
  • Toddler Music/Preschool Dalcroze Eurhythmics:
    • Specialists meet with each classroom to enhance their music experience

Monthly Specials


  • Yoga:
    • Learn basic poses that increase balance and coordination
    • Engage in dramatic play
    • Listen to soft music as they let a busy day melt right off of them
  • Shaker Heights Public Library Early Literacy Specialist:
    • Engages classrooms with books, finger plays, puppets, dramatic play, and music to promote early literacy concepts


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